Bearer of the ring bearer

Today is a big day for ballwalkpark, and it is THE big day for Milkshake's proud parents, Ben and Lori. Why ballwalkpark? Ben and Lori have asked me to be Milkshake's "handler" and walk him down the aisle at their wedding -  he is the ring bearer! I am so honored to be a part of their big day and absolutely love that Milkshake is such a big part of their wedding! I was reading an article in The Bark magazine this month about dogs in weddings. Apparently 18% of dog owners include their pups in their wedding ceremony - I had no idea it was that common! In the article, the title of my role is apparently called the "bearer of the ring bearer" - so that it is!

Here's a quick preview of our day:

I am getting ready to take Milkshake and Chip (his best friend) to the park for several hours, to make sure he gets all of his puppy energy out! He needs to be on his best behavior today!

After the park, where they will inevitably be filthy, I am going to take Milkshake to Petapoluza where I can give him a bath. I am hoping this is relatively painless - Milkshake HATES getting sprayed off at the dog park. Either way, it must get done!

We will arrive at the W hotel this afternoon where Milkshake will get dressed up in his bow-tie and boutonniere and get ready for family pictures, etc. We have been working on sitting nicely when we meet people and instead of "shake", saying "nice to meet you". We'll see how this goes over with the excitement of the day!

After a couple run throughs, the big ceremony will commence! I can't wait to watch Lori walk down the aisle. Since the day I met this couple, almost a year ago, they have been absolutely glowing about their engagement and planning this wedding. When it becomes our turn, Milkshake and I will (hopefully) gracefully walk down the aisle. We are hoping for no pulling to greet guests (I'll be wearing heels, and he is a strong 2yr old lab!), and not freaking out when he sees his parents at the end of the aisle! We have already discussed worst case scenario though, I just let go of the leash and he trots down the aisle to greet his parents - will be sure to get a good laugh from the guests!

After the ceremony, Milkshake will make an appearance at the cocktail hour, do a lap or two, then he will wish his parents a wonderful honeymooon and come home to stay with me! Bailey and Bambi are getting a brother for a couple weeks :)

I will try to post some pics throughout the day, if not today, definitely soon after. We're off to the park to run off some of that energy!

Congrats Ben and Lori!!!