ballwalkpark is a small team of three dog lovers. We are dedicated to proving top quality care for you pup that exceeds your expectations on a regular basis. We believe that three is the magic number - large enough to cover all of our clients needs, but small enough to know every dog's quirks, favorite toy and what time you get home from work.  

My goal is for you and your dog to have the best life together as possible. By getting your pup out during the day and exercising, socializing and playing, you will have a better pup to come home to. Raising a puppy (or an adult dog) can be a full time job, but with our help, it doesn't have to be. As your dogs advocate, I make sure your pups needs are met and you are able to enjoy the best of your dog.


Kelley Goad (owner)

Click to "Meet Kelley"

Click to "Meet Kelley"

Dog park trips, puppy visits

My "type":  I love big, young, high energy dogs and puppies. I have a never ending patience for puppies and love watching them grow and learn. I love the challenge of defiant teenage boy dogs.

My approach: heavy on socialization with just the right balance of discipline, fun and love. And the annoying cheerleader voice that catches dogs attention like a squeaky ball. 

Chris Scheer

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Click to "Meet Chris"

Dog park trips

Chris' "type": We joke that Chris says every dog is "perfect", he holds a special place in his heart for dogs with a bit of attitude. The ones that make you work for their love. That and the pretty girl dogs, those ones steal his heart immediately. Go figure. 

Chris' approach: A huge heart with an intuitive mind. He is always thinking of ways he can make the dog want to do what he wants on their own. 

Nancy Hutson

Click to "Meet Nancy"

Click to "Meet Nancy"

Leash walks, puppy visits and dog park trips

Nancy's "type": Dogs who connect with people as much as dogs. Nancy's pups are all shadows right behind her and never want to leave her side, they kiss the ground she walks on. 

Nancy's approach: Love, love, love. With the occasional ball and piece of lamb lung. 


ballwalkpark's hiring philosophy

When ballwalkpark started, I swore I wouldn't hire anyone because I didn't think I could ever find someone who would care about my business and my clients as much as I did. Since then, I have had two people come into my life with such unique circumstances, I couldn't pass up the opportunity. While my intention has never been to expand this company into a huge dog walking empire,  I take pride in providing the same level of service and extra care for my clients as I did when I just started and had fewer clients and more time. With the additional help, our team is able to make sure each client is getting as much care and attention as if they were the only dog we were taking care of.