Adventures of bwp - 5/2

I have decided that the weather is in favor of people with 9-5 office jobs.... It has been  gorgeous on the weekends lately, clears up in the late afternoon to early evening, and just pours all day! Looks like April showers have rolled into May. On a positive note, we had the beach to ourselves for almost the whole time today! The morning group was Otis, Lola, Chip, Cooper, Tucker and Arten. This was a group of serious ball hogs! It was almost impossible to have a game of fetch because everyone just held onto their balls. There was hardly anyone at the park this morning, so there were tons of extra tennis balls laying around - clearly more than we knew what to do with.  That is, until Lola figured out how to carry two balls at once - learn something new every day! 

Otis and Lola are the worst about ball hoarding - Otis has a ball in his mouth at all times - from the second we get to the park to the second we leave. The funny thing is, they always out run the rest of the dogs to the ball, which they can't pick up because their mouth is already full.

This afternoon we had Milkshake, Stella, Chesa, Pepper and Dexter. Shakes and Stella were at it again - today I will call them the Talkative Twosome or the Demanding Duo (they are not shy in letting me know they are ready for the ball to be thrown ;) ).  We had a big squeaky tennis ball which Stella made wonderful music with throughout the park.

When Dexter finally got his chance with the ball he sought higher ground to stay away from Milkshake and Stella. They sat and barked in protest. My Viszlas hang out on the benches all the time, but I don't usually see my other pups do this - he must have really wanted to keep that ball safe!

Sweet little Chesa carried that ball around all over the park, once again. She loves that thing. It's so funny to watch her chase it and trip over and it and proudly prance along. In true retriever form, she stood her shivering her exhausted little butt off, begging me to keep throwing the ball. Bailey 2.0 in the making :)

All in all it was another great day at the park. But I'm not going to lie, the rain is wearing down on us all! Please cross your fingers for better weather for us!

If you ever want to see more pictures from our park adventures, check out the ballwalkpark facebook page - I upload so many more than I can post here!