It's a must...

A lot of people laugh when I ask if they have pet insurance, but I bet they aren't laughing when their pup chews apart its favorite rubber toy and swallows who knows what and needs hundreds of dollars in X-rays. It's one of those things you always think is a good idea in theory, but never find the right time to actually sign up, and then when you need it you wish you had taken that minute to sign up. Well, here is your minute! Go to Healthy Paws Pet Insurance using this link - - and sign up now! You will get 10% off your pet's coverage for life. You can choose your own deductible/coverage amount and they cover up to 90% of your vet bills, including genetic diseases, accidents, illness, all that good stuff. Here are some of my favorite things about Healthy Paws:

  • They are a small enough company that when you call, you talk to an actual person, every time. They actually care to talk to you and help you. Genuinely.
  • I told them that I prefer to use naturopathic treatments on my dogs and their plan doesn't mention covering them - they said that if something like that comes up, give them a call and they will see what they can work out. They want to help do what is best for my pet.
  • They sent me this super nice letter explaining the 70% increase in vet costs over the past couple years and their need to increase monthly premiums - by less than $2/month! *Bailey is with a different company (pre-Healthy Paws) and they increased her premium by 25% this year and 15% next.... I can't switch her b/c she has a ton of pre-existing conditions.
  • When I submitted my first claim for Bambi, I had to submit her health record. The woman who processed my claim emailed me back to say she would reimburse me for the claim, and that she noticed there were a couple other office visits on Bambi's record and she would be happy to reimburse those as well. Who does that?!?!? I was thrilled!
  • I don't have to worry about how much my pet insurance company may think a certain procedure should cost (some companies have certain amounts allotted for certain types of claims) - they just cover a percentage of my actual vet bill!
Now for the best part, why you have read this far, there is something in this for you too! Whether you sign up for insurance or not, whether you even have a pet or not! If you also sign up for Healthy Paws' Refer A Friend program, you get $25 for each and every one of your friends who signs their pet up too! You can get that $25 in cash or gift cards - OR you can donate it right back to pet adoption groups through their Foundation

Posted on May 11, 2011 and filed under Dog Health.