Adventures of bwp - 5/16: puppies play rough!

It was an eventful day. Let's be honest, every day is eventful when you're dealing with 12-16 dogs throughout the course of the day. The park gods gave us a half destroyed cone, which Chip and Toby (Arten's buddy) thoroughly enjoyed. Toby liked to carry it around, then drop at my feet to throw. Chip became the master diver at the lake- he kept taking it out there, letting it sink, then fishing around for it. As soon as he pulled it up, he would shake his head for so long it would sink again! This cycle occupied us for a while.

Cooper kept finding these while balls under water- they seemed like croquet balls? Definitely not dog toys and they definitely sank. He pulled up 4 of them. I think someone was playing a trick on the dogs.

We had two injuries today- I hope I don't even have to explain how unusual that is! Bonita got a tooth to her snout- a result of her and one of her best buddies (who shall go unnamed) wrestling too hard. While she was completely unphased and kept playing as if nothing happened, we went to visit Dr. Spencer and he cleaned her up. Thanks for fitting us in! The next injury was in our afternoon group- little miss Chesa nicked the top of her paw (think dog version of knuckle) while running after a ball in the gravel and was bleeding. She didn't even notice and kept on playing her heart out- I washed it off and it wasn't anything more than a little cut, still not ideal to walk around the park with people pointing out "your dog is bleeding!".... Well, yes, she is, but she is also parading around with her frisbee in the air happy as ever. I'm very happy to say that both injuries were purely due to puppies playing and nothing of any violence or aggression. Puppies come home from the park with boo boos just like kids come home from the playground. Both pups are back at the park the next day!

Posted on May 17, 2011 .