Dog pumpkin carving stencils (and pics of our Bailey and Bam-O-Lanterns)

We are getting into the Halloween spirit here at the ballwalkpark house! This week I carved pumpkins of Bailey and Bam - a term I would like to coin - the Bam-O-Lantern! I am pretty impressed with how they turned out - I have NO artistic talent whatsoever. It's all about the stencil, seriously. If I can do it, anyone can do it! I have attached the links for the stencils. You can find a bunch of different breeds at The Better Homes and Gardens link. The French Bulldog stencil was harder to find, so I attached the link for that as well. Enjoy and happy carving!!

Better Homes and Gardens dog breed stencils

Labrador Retriever pumpkin carving stencil

Frenchie pumpkin carving stencil