Adventures of BWP: Monday 11/14

I hate to disappoint, but this post comes in place of pictures today. I know it's not a fair trade, but it's the best I could do. I unfortunately chose to go to the park during the wettest, windiest part of the day and the it was not ideal conditions for the iphone. Today reminded me of the equivalent of college kids playing flag (or tackle!) football in a mud pit. They dogs did not mind the rain one bit, they were running wild with their usual "Monday crazies" and tumbling in the mud with no hesitation. The "Monday crazies" are a common term in the dogwalker world - as the weather turns to the cold, wet, dark days people tend to spend more time inside, which means their dogs do as well. By the time Monday comes around and they go back to the park with all of their friends, they have lots of bottle up energy to run off. Today, the dogs were half running after the ball or frisbee I was throwing, and half just running to chase one another and tumble into the mud. Cooper (black lab Cooper - there are 3 to be confused), was loving life today. He is an English lab and very hefty, yet short and stout guy. He is absolutely adorable - he looks like a giant teddy bear, or a linebacker. He loves to go after one of the running dogs and when he finally catches up, he essentially body checks them. The dogs love it! Rex and Bonita just keep going back for more.

On days like this, there is no avoiding bath time. Winter bath time at the park is pretty difficult - there are normally three hoses to use, and during the summer they aren't nearly in as high of demand as muddy days like today. During the colder months, the park department turns off all but one hose. This means that during the months where dog walkers have possibly up to 6 dogs to hose off, we all have to wait our turn, and make sure any park patrons get a chance to use the hose without having to wait for us. I'm sure you can imagine the lineup.... without waiting for anyone else, it typically takes me about 30 minutes to hose my golden retrievers. For those of you that have heard me talk about the Magnuson Dog Walkers Association (yes, dog walkers unite!) - this is the type of thing we would talk about and try to change. On a positive note, I am so proud of how well behaved my pups are about getting the hose down. Some of them are so tolerant that I can just set the leash down on the ground and they don't even try to fight it. Good dogs!

I found a new favorite product today - FURdry by Furminator.  It is essentially a towel that you can wrap around your dog like a shirt so that when they come home wet, they don't get your couch or carpet or anything else wet. I towel dry my heart out of these dogs, but it's hard to get those long haired dogs perfectly dry. I highly suggest these wraps to help keep your pup dry and your house clean! Let me know what you think!

In health news.... Miss Stella (King Charles) had to go back to the vet today to get some testing done - something having to do with her food absorption. Results will come in tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed!!! Miss Bonita ate a bug again this weekend and her poor little face got all swollen and she had to go to the vet and get an IV and is on steroids. This is the second time it has happened in a couple of months. They don't know if it is a bug or a spider, but it's not good!

I don't have anything for client quote of the day! Send me something to make me laugh!

Hope you all had a good Monday!

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