Manic Monday

Monday was the fourth and last day that I was house sitting for one of our clients. I had a wonderful weekend with her two Incredibly sweet and playful King Charles Spaniels. It was an uneventful and relaxing weekend followed by the ultimate case of the Mondays. I woke up to a torrential downpour, The news said there had already been an inch and a half of rain by the time I woke up. I went downstairs the basement to find a pipe had burst and the floor was soaking wet. I called my client and she schedule to have someone come out that evening to take care of it.

I came back after the park to find that the power was out. My phone died at the park because it got too wet through my non-Gore-Tex jacket. I was running back to the house to use the phone to call Michael because we had to leave to take the puppy (thats another story, see here) to the vet appointment in Kirkland in 10 minutes. When I realized the power was out, I let the dogs out to go to the bathroom, grabbed the Thanksgiving turkey that had been delivered the night before from the fridge so it wouldn't go bad, and ran into another client's house( who happens to be coworkers with this client), hoping to use the phone, negotiate some fridge space for the turkey, and heat up my lentil soup. Unfortunately her power was out too.

While I'm at my other client's house discussing what to do about the dogs during the power outage as well as the Thanksgiving turkey, It occurs to us that the four baby chicks in the guest bathroom upstairs need the heat lamp to survive. I had to take a step back and realize that I was juggling two dogs, four baby chicks, a frozen turkey, a burst pipe and a power outage. And that is a day in the life of a dog walker…

Luckily the power was back on in an hour and the dogs didn't even notice. The baby chicks stayed warm, the turkey stayed cold, I met the guys who came to clean up the pipe mess and my client made her connecting flight home. Everything turned out just fine but it was quite a whirlwind of Old McDonald's Farm for a bit there.