Wet Weather Tips for Muddy Paws

tilden leash .jpg

OllyDog Tilden Leash 

This may not bother everyone as much as it bothers a dog walker, but there is nothing worse than a soggy leash wrapped around your neck, or even your wrist for that matter. I love these Tilden Leashes by OllyDog because they are stink-proof, waterproof, and flexible enough to be comfortable around your wrist and in your hand. They come in fun colors and last for years! 


These are probably my #1 must have item for dog owners in Seattle. If you're dog plays outside and gets wet and muddy, you need this collar! Have you ever noticed that sometimes the stinky dog actually isn't stinky, it's just the collar? Dublin collars solve that problem entirely! The collars are sturdy rubber, stink proof, waterproof, easy to wash and perfect for Seattle. In my opinion, every active outdoorsy dog needs one of these. I am so adamant about them, I actually bought them for all of my clients for holiday gifts one year.  


The Soggy Doggy doormat may not seem like much, but it piqued my curiosity enough to try it out. I was really surprised with how well it worked! I got two of them for our boat. The dogs (and us) track in so much water from the deck into the cabin and before you know it, the whole floor is wet. These mats are so absorbent that with just one step on the mat, the paws come off onto the floor dry and clean. It's pretty incredible! Their a small (and I think local?) company, and definitely worth a try!  

fur dry .jpg

The Furminator FurDry Wrap Towel is kind of a joke and kind of genius. It's like a bathrobe for your dog. It solves the problem (mostly) of the wet dog jumping on the couch, or getting their bed all soggy. You just wrap them up and let them hang out. By the time you take it off, they are fluffy and dry! I think this would be especially useful for the Golden Retrievers and any other long haired dogs. Yes, they look pretty ridiculous, but a rubbing them with a towel can only get them so dry, believe me, I am a pro! 

While we all dread the wet weather and muddy paws, the dogs absolutely love getting muddy and being able to just be a dog! The trick is just keeping it out of our houses...  

A few tips (that your dogwalker will love you for) 

  • Leave towels by the door. We bring our own, but sometimes they get too soggy/dirty to make a difference, so a backup is always helpful 
  • Give your dog a space to dry off - whether it is a laundry room, a gated off kitchen, or a crate, it helps everyone to know they aren't going to jump straight onto your white couch.  
  • If you use a non-waterproof leash or collar (such as the Wonder Walker harnesses), throw them in the wash once a week to keep the stink away.