Kelley and frenchies
Kelley and Bailey
Kelley and Milkshake

I graduated from UW in 2006 with a degree in Psychology and Marketing. I have nearly 10 years of experience in the service industry, as well as 4 years in the corporate world. I escaped the cubicle in 2009 to fulfill my dream of spending my days outside with dogs and have been grateful for that decision every day since! To read the full story of how I got here, check out the beginning

I love trying to figure out why my dogs act the way they do and what I can do to change it. Who knew a psych degree would lead to dog walking? I often can not physically control the urge to say Hi to dogs when walking down the street. Especially puppies. I have been known to jump out of cars at a stop sign to say Hi to puppies. I know it's totally "crazy dog lady" behavior, but it's out of my control! 

When not with my two dogs, Bailey (Yellow Lab) and Bambi (French Bulldog), I am with my fiance working on our 1927 tugboat, helping with his reclaimed furniture business, Marian Built, or on Whidbey Island trying to plan our wedding!