Mr. Fletcher strikes again

Mr. Fletcher, for those who don't know, is a dog to be known. He is a "Royal Frenchel" - A King Charles Cavalier/French Bulldog mix. He is most commonly known as having a ball stuffed in his mouth or screaming like crazy while out running the rest of the big dogs to get the ball. Mr. Fletcher is a very sensitive little man. He will hold a grudge on someone for something as simple as laughing at him while he poops. Seriously. So imagine how he feels about riding in the back of the car when he once was the king of the passenger seat! Well Mr. Fletch, you grew up, and you no longer fit on my lap, sorry buddy.

Today Mr. Fletcher had his revenge. I put all the very muddy dogs in the car, walked around and opened my door, only to find Mr. Fletcher back on his throne. He took matters into his own muddy paws and squirmed his way back into the front seat. Mud was everywhere!!! My first reaction was to get mad, but then I looked at his guilty little face and I just started laughing. How can you not laugh at that face?! And yes, Mr. Fletcher got to ride home on the front seat - I figure he deserved it :)

Posted on November 9, 2010 .