Got a smelly dog?

Next time you are threatening your dog with a bath or find yourself resistant to give him the cuddles and love he deserves due to the offensive smell, check out the collar first! I find most of the time that my car/house/life is smelly extra "doggy" it is because one of my pups is wearing a dirty collar! Yes, they do need baths too, especially in Seattle winters, but that is not always the problem. I have tried many times and many ways to wash and clean these collars and leashes to rid of the smell, but nothing seems to fully take away the problem. The solution? Dublin Dog Collars "all-style-no-stink" - they are made of a material that rinses clean in seconds and doesn't harbor bacteria. They are only about $20 and will outlast any traditional nylon collar. I consider it a Seattle dog essential, right up there with the Chuck-it! Btw - it is a constant battle for me to be a clean freak and a dog walker/lover at the same time, so check back for more tips on having 8 dogs around yet trying to keep my house and car dog hair/muddy paw-free! If you have any tips, please do share! (Clean freaks love that kind of stuff!)

Posted on November 10, 2010 and filed under Uncategorized.