Frenchie Frolic!

Yesterday was the monthly Seattle-Central French Bulldog Meetup at Magnuson Off-Leash Park. While most Seattle Dog Walkers try avoid the dog park on the weekends, this is the one weekend event of the month I can't possibly miss! If you have ever witnessed a French Bulldog in action, you can understand the joy of seeing 15 snorting tanks running, frolicking and sniffing butts.... Watching this particular breed of dog is definitely something that makes me smile! This was only Bambi's second Frenchie Frolic. The first time we went was this summer, she was about 6 months old, and the whole meetup scene was a little overwhelming for Bambi, Michael, and myself. Not to mention it was near 90 degrees outside, so we didn't last long. This second meetup, on Saturday, I was prepared to watch some Frenchie Frolic fun!

Bambi is a very very social little dog. When she enters the park with my pack she runs, chases and pounces on every single dog. She is convinced she can make any dog be her friend - and so far she is right. I was expecting nothing less when we entered the small dog area on Saturday for the meetup- there were several Frenchies there she had played with before. Surprisingly, Bam got really awkward.... seemed to display some of her mom's social awkwardness.... she wandered over to the water bowl, said hello to some humans, and kind of just stood around in the middle of the chaos.... Not quite what I had expected. I, on the other hand, was having a blast watching all the little flat faced munchkins running around and tumbling over each other like the little tanks that they are. I got some great pictures which you can see on my facebook page.

After a little bit of time Bambi warmed up to her Frenchie friends and participated in a game of fetch, let by a Boston Terrier, which kind of seemed like a unfair match in my opinion - you have one little super athletic dog versus 8 stubby little tanks. But, it was hilarious to watch and all the pups seemed to be enjoying themselves. I heard one of the owners calling their dog "Nugget" - unfortunately I wasn't able to match the owner to the dog, but if I had, I would have definitely complemented them on the name.

For me, the best part of the event was just listening to the chorus of grunts and snorts... That sound never gets old and always gets a smile out of me.... When it was time to go, Bambi was sad to leave all her buddies, but we will definitely be there for the next meetup!


Posted on November 14, 2010 and filed under magnuson park.