The ladies morning ritual

Anyone that knows me knows that Bailey, my 6yr old yellow lab, is the love of my life. She was the inspiration for my dog walking business, ballwalkpark, and the one thing that makes me smile every single day. When my boyfriend, Michael, and I got a French Bulldog puppy a few months ago everyone asked "how does Bailey feel about it", "Does Bailey like the puppy?". For some reason I felt like I was cheating on Bailey and felt so guilty for bringing this puppy into our lives, but it didn't take long until I realized this was just not true.... Bailey and Bambi are best friends - the second Bambi wakes up she looks around for Bailey, almost with panic, and then just starts jumping on her and wrestling, etc.... Having a puppy around has definitely made Bailey act more puppy-ish as well. She's always been so ball-focused she hasn't been much of a wrestle/playing kind of dog... playdates never amounted to much with her. Bambi is the first dog that Bailey really plays with.... I am comforted every day knowing that not only do I love this little puppy we got, but also Bailey does too :) Now, for all of you that ask how they get a long - here is a little peak into their morning routine.


Posted on November 14, 2010 .