ballwalkpark talk

Everyone talks to their dog, right? Well, in my case, I talk to dogs A LOT. I spend the majority of my day, the majority of my time, with about 6 dogs and no humans. It can get lonely, but luckily I have all my four-legged friends to talk to. We have gone far beyond the normal commands dogs are usually used to being spoken to. I have actually found that not only do I talk to my dogs a lot while we are strolling through the park, but I talk to them very politely. I don't even talk to humans this politely (not intentionally - of course I always try and mind my manners ;) I call everyone by "Mr." or "Misses".

I say "excuse me"when I need them to move.

I apologize profusely if I ever run into any of them, or even worse, hit them with a ball from the chuck-it. (I consider this pretty normal behavior though....)

To get the ball back, I say"May I see that ball please?"

I always say "thank you". 

I even pick up their poop. 

I'm not sure how or why this habit started, but when I realized I was doing it I found it pretty humorous. Not only am I the crazy dog lady walking through the park carrying on conversations with a 4-legged-creature with a slimy stick hanging out of it's mouth, I am saying please and thank you and calling them for formal names. I think I may be due for a happy hour with friends or some type of human social interaction! 

Posted on April 20, 2011 and filed under The Pack.