Does this make me an "official" dogwalker?

I did it. I took the plunge into being a stereotypical dogwalker. What the first thing you think of when you picture a dogwalker? Yes, most of you said a fanny pack. You guessed it right. I'm rockin a fanny pack these days.

During the winter months I had coat pockets to store all my "things" I need at the park - treats, poop bags, sani wipes, keys and phone. I can't go to the park unprepared so what do I do when I don't have coat pockets?!

This has not been an easy decision for me. I tried every alternative I could think of. I went with the obvious backpack but the dogs all knew there was good stuff in there and would jump on my back nearly knocking me down numerous times. Nothing says you're jn control of your pack when you're lying facedown at the dog park. Some dogwalkers use backpacks, cargo pant pockets, even tool belts..... I think the fanny pack is the choice for me. Go ahead and laugh. It's the only way I can accept the fact that I've come to wearing a fanny pack!

I got the most ridiculously colored/designed one on purpose. This can't become a habit. Park use only. I will, however, look into buying a larger one when summer comes around and I want to accommodate a small water bottle.

Ahhh function beat fashion on this one for sure. Have I gone over the edge yet?!