ballwalkpark is back

After a week long vacation, the pack is back! First of all, huge thanks to Sara and Gretchen for covering for me and taking pups to the park. It made me smile every day to see the pics they uploaded on facebook of my dogs at the park. I’m sure they didn’t even notice I was gone!

Mr. Cooper was so wiggly he could hardly contain himself. He wiggled the whole way from his apartment to the car. Apparently he was so excited when Sara picked him up that he peed a little. I was happy I didn’t have to clean up pee, but a little hurt that I didn’t get the same level of excitement from him. Cooper has two days left with ballwalkpark until his mom is on summer vacation and then he moves back to Chicago at the end the of summer. We have to make every last minute count!

Otis, Bonita and Lola are totally in sync walking down the path. They look like a synchronized swimming team or something. Lucky shot! We spent a lot of time at the water today and Lola swam half-way across the lake to get lost balls. Ok, not really half the lake, but really really far! Bonita likes so hang out way far out and tread water, swimming back and forth between other dog’s tennis balls, picking them up and dropping them for the next one. Otis is the strongest most powerful swimmer, when he decides to drop the ball. If you ask him to drop it, he sinks his head down really low and kind of sulks away and drops it when he thinks you’re not looking. Funny pups.

Arten made a new best friend - Oscar, one of Sara’s golden retrievers. He could not get enough of Oscar! See my facebook page for more of those two - they were hilarious. They would chase each other round and round in circles, then go and lay under the trees together to catch their breath. I think Arten has a thing for dogs that are equal (or at least near) his poofiness.

Chip got to play with the new version of the Jolly Ball - he LOVES it even more than the last one. With this ball, not only could he do his circus elephant/core workout (see facebook pics) but he could also persistently ask me to throw the ball so he could fetch it. Best of both worlds! I bet he was a tired one today….

It feels great to be back - I started missing the dogs when I dropped them off after my last park trip before vacation and have been looking forward to seeing them since! Thanks for making my first day back so fun and easy :)

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