Whoaaa dogs!

The dogs were very amped up today - all day. Either they really missed me and didn't realize it until today, or there is something in the air. It wasn't a bad day by any means, the dogs were all being good, but just at a very very high energy level. They were acting the way they do when they first get to the park and run in circles and explode with energy - but it never died down. Especially the afternoon group - I thought I would never tire them out! After almost two hours they finally started to show signs of wearing down! Here are some of the highlights of today (please see ballwalkpark facebook page for pics):

  • Arten, who is normally a wader at the water, saw a duck who he felt the need to track down - he took off for a nice long swim before giving up and heading back into shore.
  • Tucker was so excited about his orange ball he wanted to show every person we walked by - in the form of hopping around them in circles. He confused quite a few people, unsure why this dog was bounding around them in circles.
  • Oliver found a pink cuz ball which he loved chasing - he would drop it at my feet and do his dance of anticipation - he looks like a praying mantis or something - very un-sophisticated and un-Oliver like.
  • Bonita took a sharp turn into the bushes and then proceeded to take herself on a 15 minute self-guided tour of the park. She met back up with us just in time to go for a swim. We don't really encourage this type of behavior....
  • We also learned that although the mud has dried up, rolling in the dirt and bark right after a swim has a similar effect in getting the dirt to cake in their fur.
  • Stella really wanted to play with the big Jolly Ball Coco was carrying around. She tried a little too hard and Coco wasn't having it - she turned to bark at Stella and scared her so bad they both crashed into the garbage cans, sending the lids flying and onlookers laughing.
  • Cooper spent his afternoon tangled up with either Chesa or Bonita (he's not too picky about his blondes, either one will do) and Pepper was always chasing close behind to get in on the action - making her gremlin sounds all the while.
  • Bailey held the Jolly Ball most of the trip - kicking it around like a soccer ball and running up and tripping me with it to get my attention when I wasn't throwing it. Oh B, love you little girl!
  • Milkshake spent his day frantically digging for the ball he was either trying to bury or pick up, or chiming in on Bailey's barking to get me to throw the ball more.
  • Otis held the orange ball this afternoon, which produces surprisingly less drool than your average tennis ball. noted for next time.
  • Walker kept himself busy trying to get in on any of the three balls in circulation throughout the group, while also heading many of the chase-offs throughout the park.
I've had people at the park tell me "wow, you have your hands full" or "that's quite the pack" before - and normally I kind of down play it, because while they are all big high energy dogs, they are normally pretty calm after the first half hour. Today, not so much. Today I did have my hands full and I had quite the pack! But luckily, it was in the good way, everyone was well behaved and just having a lot of fun. I had a tornado of dogs circling me nearly all day. We were in control, just a high energy control, and it was a lot of fun. Between trying not to trip over Bailey and making sure the dogs were somewhat watching where they were going and not crashing into people or objects, I was laughing and smiling all day. They're a handful of puppy energy - but I wouldn't have it any other way! 
Posted on June 15, 2011 and filed under magnuson park.