Valentine's day heartbreak

I have a new rule here at ballwalkpark. My clients are not allowed to move away. It's a condition upon signing your pup up for service. It should be added to the contract. I have lost Oliver (Vizsla) to San Francisco, Mr. Cooper (Vizsla) to Chicago, Stella (Golden Retriever) to Boston, Walker (Vizsla) to Madison Valley (Ok, it's just out of my service area, but I still get to see him at the park all the time!), and now Violet (Frenchie) to Boston. Did I mention this is all since August? 

Sure losing the business isn't great, especially when they are such great dogs as all of these guys happen to be, but what's worse it the heartbreak. I know, don't get your heart too involved in business, but it's pretty hard in this line of work. Most of these dogs I have known since they were puppies, I've watched them discover the world, go through teenage terror days, and come out to be wonderful adult dogs. I spend my days with these dogs, they see me more often than my fiance. They are the reason I am excited to go to work every day and what puts a smile on my face while covered in mud and braving sideways rain. The last time Cooper walked out of my house I burst into tears like I just got dumped by the love of my life. Michael, the actual love of my life, looked at me like I had lost my mind... Not getting attached is not possible, and to be honest, i would be cautious of any dogwalker who didn't get attached! 

Today was Violet's last day with ballwalkpark and she is getting on a plane for Boston tomorrow morning. It was especially fitting that her last day was Valentine's day, as she is Bam's most loving best friend. These two met when Violet was just three months old, and Bam was six months old. We met when Violet was walking down the block in front of our house. We let the dogs run around in the front yard, and as they were playing we saw the first snow fall of the year. Over the past year and some months, these two have grown up together and been best friends, neighbors and almost sisters. They play with each other in a way they don't play with any other dog. See their final goodbye playdate here. We are going to miss Violet and her family so very much. Poor little Frenchies have no idea what heartbreak this Valentine's day is for them. Have fun in Boston Violet, and look up Stella if you ever need a ballwalkpark buddy ;) 


While it is so sad to see my beloved (client) dogs move out of state, I learned today the downfall of having them move out of my service area and still seeing them at the park. As I was bending over to pick up after a dog, I saw Walker out of the corner of my eye starting to lift his leg on me! He was trying to mark me as his territory, something that I suppose could be taken as a sign of affection.... 


Hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day! 




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