Preventing Bloat in dogs

I came across this great article today and had to share. Bloat is a potentially life-threatening condition which can affect active, healthy dogs in the prime of their life. It can be deadly within hours and is a very serious condition which all dog owners should be aware of . You can read more about bloat here.

While I have read a lot about bloat, I have never read about how to prevent it, which is why this article was so interesting to me. It has some really great tips, some of which ar

  • avoid grain based kibble, or ideally, any kibble.
  • poultry, lamb or other small to medium size raw bones may be one of the best steps towards prevention of bloat, and also make for a happy pup.
  • don't feed your pup fruit and protein at the same time; they digest very differently
  • avoid vigorous exercise for 3-4 hours after eating
Read the whole article here

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