The history of Bailey and Timber

I got Bailey when I was a Junior in college, before almost all of my friends, except for Maria, who had Timber, an all black German Shepard. Maria and I went to highschool together and had actually been friends since swim team days when we were in like 12. Maria moved up to Bellingham for college and one weekend Bailey and I went up to visit her. Maria lived in the top floor of a house with some roommates. She had a nice setup with a living room area attached to her bedroom. Bailey and Timber were fine with each other upon first meeting, and Maria and I left them alone together as we went out for the night. When we came home, we both went to bed in Maria's room. As we were falling asleep, every few minutes we would hear Bailey screaming and Timber growling. We would wake up and break up the scuffle, try to get them each on their own beds and go back to sleep. Not long after, Bailey would scream again. Timber was creepy-crawling over to Bailey and pinning her down by her neck each time. Finally, at 4am (I remember this b/c it was before Starbucks was open) I decided to just give up on sleep and drive home. For years later, it was always a running joke amongst our friends of Bailey vs. Timber.

Fast forward six years, and I start dating Michael, who is actually Maria's older brother. Timber, Maria's dog, was originally Michael's dog, along with Kaiser, who is a male German Shepard a couple years older. For whatever reason, that seems to be frequently debated between the two of them, Michael gave Timber to Maria. So essentially, Bailey's one-time-nemesis is now family.

At their ripe old ages of 7 and 8 years old, they are both peacefully laying on our living room floor tonight, quietly chomping away on bones while we watch a movie. Bailey is wearing the cone of shame to recover from a hot spot and Timber is chewing on the softie toy to nurse her abscessed tooth she just had removed. Funny how things work out, isn't it?

Posted on April 1, 2012 .