{products i love} Wonder Walker body halter

When it comes to walking your dog, you have to find a way to make it work for you and your pup, otherwise neither of you will enjoy it. When your pup is pulling your arm off and he is choking for a breath of air, nobody is winning. That's why I love the Wonder Walker body halter. It is a simple (and stylish!) halter that has three straps, around the chest in front, under the chest, and around the back. It has clips in the front (chest) or back.  The idea behind the Wonder Walker is to clip your leash to the front of the harness, which prevents the dogs from pulling. If they pull, they are essentially pulling against themselves, so it is not rewarding. Another main feature is that is pulls from the dog's center of gravity, rather than head or neck, which is better for dogs, especially disproportionate ones like the Frenchies ;)

The Wonder Walker is much safer alternative to choke chains, and even a flat collar if your dog pulls. This harness can be used on any dog, of any age. Which brings me to another reason I am such a fan - if you start using this harness on a young puppy, you teach them the right way to walk from the beginning and eliminate pulling as a problem before it even starts.

ImageThe Wonder Walker comes in a ton of great colors that you can custom order. Another reason to love this company? It is local, based in Seattle! Explains why almost every dog walking up and down Queen Anne Ave is sporting one these days. I have bought mine at All The Best on Queen Anne.


**I am not given any incentive to write about this harness, I just really like it and want to share with everyone!