{products i love} Top 20 puppy shopping list items

Feeling overwhelmed about what you will need for your new puppy? Here are my top 20 favorites products for puppies. It covers just about everything except for the food and water bowls! Happy puppy stuff shopping! 1. Plastic or Wire Crate

Start crating your pup early and they will soon love their "house" in no time. I always suggest to give a special treat or Kong filled with peanut butter each them they go in their crate. There are many options for bedding available, personally, I like to put a big fluffy blanket or bunch of towels so the puppy can kind of nest and get cozy, and also get used to my smell even more. Plus it's easier to wash frequently than a dog bed.

2. Petstages Heartbeat Pillow

New puppies may have a hard time sleeping through the night at first b/c they miss the heartbeat of their littermates. This pillow mimics the sound of a heartbeat. Or you can go the old fashioned way and buy a ticking alarm clock at Bartell's. Also you can put a Nalgene bottle of warm water in the crate so it feels like a warm body next to them.

3. Baby Gate 

When not in the crate, make sure your pup is in confined areas so you can keep an eye on them!

4. Grain-Free puppy food 

There are a ton of good puppy foods out there, and majority of them will be grain-free. Talk to someone at your local pet store to help you decide what is best for your pup. I like to go to Mud Bay Granary, All The Best or Petapoluza. Nick at Petapoluza is especially knowledgable and helpful about dog foods and only carries the highest quality labels.

5. Merrick Lamb Lung treats 

These treats are great because they are easy to break into small pieces for little puppy mouths and lots of training, and they don't smell horrible but the pups love them!

6. Treat Pouch

Be it a treat pouch, a ziploc in your pocket, or just a pocket full of treats, make sure you are armed with treats at all times! You want to always be prepared to reward your pup for all the new behaviors he is learning!

7. Nylabone puppy teething pacifier

I don't know what it is about this toy, but pups seems to love it!





8. N-Bone Puppy teething ring 

This little ring gets soft and gummy for young puppies teeth. Bambi lived on these for several weeks.





9. Kong Activity Ball

This is a great toy to stuff with treats when you put your pup in their crate.





10. Kyjen Plush Puppies Hedgehog 

This is a ballwalkpark puppy gift basket classic. Everyone loves a squeaky hedgehog! Until the squeak drives you crazy..





11. Kyjen Hide-A-Bee toy 

The squeaky bee is another ballwalkpark classic. The bee is smaller and easier for pups to hold onto. Still soft and squeaky fun!

12. Poop bags and bag dispenser

These little poop bag dispensers help prevent the unthinkable: getting caught without a bag! Always gotta be prepared....





13. Pet Force Stain and Odor Remover

Accidents will happen. If your puppy can smell where the accident was, they will be more likely to have another one in the same place. This enzyme cleaner takes away all of the smell better than anything I've found. It's also ultra concentrated so a little goes a long way. You can find it at Mud Bay.





14. Microfiber Towel

We are in Seattle. Muddy paws are an inevitable part of life. This ultra-absorbent towel will make your dry-off job that much easier.





15. Multipet's Chilly Bone

Run this bone under the water, put it in the freezer, and give to your pup for some soothing relief.

16. Wonder Walker Body Halter

A must-have for leash training! Check out my blog last week about the Wonder Walker body halter here.




17. The Grrrip Two Handled Dog Leash

I like this leash because it has a handle close down to the dog's neck also so you can keep them on a short lead at corners, cross walks, or in crowds. Bailey and I used this thing walking around Greenlake every single day for almost 4 years. Whether it's this leash or not, I highly recommend a flat nylon or rope leash as opposed to a retractable leash.





18. Chuck-It Ball Launcher

Pretty much the greatest invention ever. My profession pretty much relies on this handy little tool, considering I can't throw more than ten feet on my own... A great way to exercise your pup once they are a little older!

19. Pet Hub Link Tag

A QR code ("quick response") on a pet ID tag links to your pet's online data to show emergency contacts, medications, dietary information, and much more. Modifying your data is immediate, free, and does not require a modification to the physical ID tag.





20. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Health Insurance is a MUST! Rates are reasonable, starting around $25-$30/mo depending on breed and depending on which plan you choose you can receive up to 90% of your vet bills back on accidents, illnesses and genetic problems. Healthy Paws is a great local Seattle company. I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with them and highly recommend!

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